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National Health IT Week

It’s about time!  . . . time to highlight the importance of efficient information systems that protect the privacy and security of personal health information while improving the delivery of healthcare in the United States.  And that’s what President Barack Obama has done by declaring this week, from September 11-16, as “National Health Information Technology Week”.  As the Government puts it: “There is no better time for the health information technology (health IT) community to come together to raise national awareness regarding the consistent breakthroughs and hard work industry professionals, providers, and consumers put forward on a daily basis to ensure they are moving toward the common goal of advancing the future of health care through private and secure health IT.”  At Private Access, we’re all in!

In the President’s proclamation, he asks everyone to play a role in improving the country’s health care system, including “those who design and implement Health IT systems [who] can enable software that puts patients and their families at the center of their own care, empowering and engaging them in reaching their health goals.”  That’s exactly where we start; with consumer empowerment in the form of a granular, easy to use privacy management system, that regulates the flow of electronic health data according to consumer consents, permissions and privacy preferences.

Private Access celebrates all of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT’s initiatives to not only invite consumers into this critical national discussion, but to involve them immediately in the process of electronic health data generation, data analysis and data exchange.  (See the “ONC’s new website”.)  We look forward to playing an important role in this transformative landscape: where critical information is liberated by technological innovations – like our PrivacyLayer® platform of consumer-centric, web-based privacy services – and lifts the collective health care IQ of the American public for a better quality of life.  Very worthwhile stuff. 

A very happy National Health IT Week to all!

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E-Consent: from Form to Function

Every time we show off our technology in the context of privacy-assured search, clinical trials recruitment and research acceleration, those on the front lines of healthcare - working in the provider setting - always ask the same question: “is there a way to use your technology to manage patient consents throughout our system?” 

“Sure”, we used to say, “we have an API that can connect to your servers”, or “we’ll put our box behind your firewall” and then we dive right into the details of interoperability and security. Turns out we’ve been answering the question the wrong way.  What we should be doing is talking about what’s really driving the promise of electronic patient consent.  Yeah, getting rid of all that paper - and linking consents to historical and new data across a labyrinth of diagnostic and care sites within and without a given provider’s walls - will save time and money.  But that’s not the brass ring.  The real win goes on in the patient or consumer’s head.

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