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TrialsFinder® provides advocacy groups, foundations and online communities access to a searchable database of clinical trials and research studies that are currently recruiting according to ClinicalTrials.gov and that can be supplemented with additional research based on recommendations from patients, researchers and others.  Information includes details about the trial, the primary investigator and inclusion and exclusion criteria.  Groups are able to use key words to search for and learn more about current trials that could potentially benefit members of their particular community, whether for primary or secondary conditions.  Once a relevant study is found, TrialsFinder® is used to generate an “I’m Interested” button, that’s placed next to the trial as listed and described on the group’s website or within online communities, on hospital or physician office portal pages, in email communications and more.  The close ties of many of these groups increases the likelihood that community members will participate once they become aware of the opportunity.  The “I’m Interested” button makes it easy and fast for groups to get started.

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